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Canned Mushrooms Market 2018 – Latest Trends, Growth, Top Players, Business Opportunities, Share, Size and Forecast to 2026

The National Horticulture Board (NHB), mushrooms contain 60-70% proteins and are easily digestible. This will further increase the demand for canned mushrooms, which in turn, will positively impact the global canned mushrooms market. The above information was shared by Fortune Business Insights in a report, titled “Canned Mushroom Market Size, Share and Global Trend By Product Type (Shiitake Canned, Oyster Canned, Button Canned, Others), By Application (Household, Foodservice Industry, Others) and Geography Forecast Till 2026.” Furthermore, the study has showed that mushrooms are high in amino acids and used as healthy foods. Mushrooms play a crucial role in reducing tumour growth, preventing inflammation, and detoxifies cancer triggering compounds.

Consumption of mushrooms can reduce the chances of heart-related diseases as they contain Vitamin-C and potassium. Moreover, diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity are prevalent across the world. This will further fuel demand for dietary-fibre rich food such as canned mushrooms. Considering the above factors, the canned mushrooms market growth is likely to rise in the forthcoming years.

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The demand for different product types of canned mushrooms such as oyster canned, button canned, and shiitake canned is likely to increase by 2026. Of these, button canned mushrooms are likely to grow at a rapid pace over the projected horizon. The global canned mushroom market size is expected to increase as button canned mushrooms cover the major share in the market. This is ascribable to the high availability of button mushrooms across the world. In addition to this, numerous benefits associated with button mushrooms contribute to the canned mushrooms market. This, together with the increasing production of these mushrooms, is driving the market.

Market to Benefit from Strategies Adopted by Monterey, Greenyard, and Other Leading Players

People around the world are shifting their preference to vegan foods. The growing popularity of the vegan diet in developing as well as developed nations is expected to drive the market. As canned mushrooms offer several health benefits, the adoption of veganism is likely to rise in the forthcoming years. This, in turn, will augment demand for canned mushrooms. Manufacturers are continuously working on advancements in canning technologies to make them even healthier. This can be achieved by conducting research and development (R&D) activities on food processing procedures. Canned mushrooms are rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamin C, proteins, and calcium.

Canned mushroom packaging is designed in a way so that the mushrooms don’t decay. The presence of monosodium glutamate and ascorbic acid in canned mushrooms leads to longer shelf life. This will give significant impetus to the market.

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