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To Honor Presidents’ Day Restaurants in U.S. Offering pork Belly

To Honor Presidents’ Day Restaurants in U.S. Offering pork Belly

Pork belly has turned into a sizzling menu item at many restaurants. Still, it has a long culinary history regardless of its public disappearance for many years before the latest resurgence.To Honor Presidents’ Day Restaurants in U.S. Offering pork Belly

Highly well-liked in the Colonial interval, pork belly — an uncured bacon slab — is undoubtedly one of many food staples tracking its history to Early America and even earlier to Europe or other parts of the world.

Different foods savored in the Colonies had been uncooked or fried oysters; stews; savory pies; duck; game meats as well as meats of domesticated animals akin to chicken, beef and ham; beet salad, soups like pepper pot and New England clam chowder, and desserts starting from Boston cream pie to chocolate mousse, in addition to cakes and ice cream.

What better time to enjoy Colonial fare than while eating out than during Presidents’ Week between the Presidents’ Day holiday on February 17, and the anniversary the next weekend of the birth of the first U.S. president, George Washington.

City Tavern serves Colonial fare daily. Favorite food objects include Sally Lunn bread, a big bun produced with a yeast dough that resembles brioche, cornmeal, and molasses Anadama bread, and Thomas Jefferson’s favorite sweet potato and pecan biscuits.

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