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Fire at Tire Mart to Burn for Few More Days – Fire Officers

Fire at Tire Mart to Burn for Few More Days – Fire Officers

A massive fire is still burning almost 12 hours after it sparked at a tire mart in Morgan Township.Fire at Tire Mart to Burn for Few More Days – Fire Officers

Based on Butler County delegates, firefighters had been dispatched to Wholesale Tire Mart on Alert New London Street before 7 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a fire.

Delegates with the Morgan Township Fire Division stated the business stores heaps, presumably even 1000’s of tires and heaps of gallons of chemicals inside.

Several businesses assisted Morgan Township firefighters in extinguishing the initial fire.

Around 8:30 p.m., the blaze reignited. Three walls of the building have collapsed to date. There’s a potential for the entire construction to break down, delegates stated.

A fire head at the scene stated the building will likely be burning all night and will burn for three to five days. The fire units haven’t been able to get inside due to the chemicals and rubber tires contained in the building.

An assistant fire head at the scene stated the hazmat teams that have been observing the plume of the hearth said it has already reached Tennessee.

Fire delegates stated they plan to usher in large amounts of foam from the airport, that’s used for airplane crashes, to assist in containing the blazes safely.

Some residents in the area have voluntarily left their homes for the night for safety.

Fire officers mentioned they’re currently observing the smoke, and it isn’t hazardous.

Based on dispatchers, crews are asking individuals to avoid the area. Alert New London Street is shut down near Scott Street.

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