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Freezing Fruits and Vegetables Can Be Easy

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables Can Be Easy

When you ought to ever occur to search out yourself, as one might, diligently studying the America Department of Agriculture’s Freezing and Food Safety resource page, you’ll stumble throughout one curious sentence.

That sentence reads: “You possibly can freeze nearly any meals.” The USDA does go on to supply a warning, nonetheless: “Some exceptions are canned meals or eggs in shells. Nevertheless, as soon as the meals (comparable to a ham) is out of the can, you could freeze it.” So long as your turkducken is not additionally stuffed right into a can (for some cause), you are good. However, look, simply since you can freeze “nearly any meals” does not imply you ought to freeze “nearly any meals.”

As Semyon from Eastern Promises is aware, the freezer area is restricted. And in the event you’re throwing entire cheesecakes, pillow-sized chip baggage, cream-stuffed donuts, huge Outback Steakhouse “appetizers,” and poultry-on-poultry-on-poultry motion in there, you are not going to have any room within the freezer for the stuff that is really any good for you.

This information is for freezing the stuff that is truly any good for you. Some individuals query if you must blanch meals first earlier than freezing them. (Blanching means shortly cooking produce in sizzling water till al dente after which stunning them in an ice bath to cease the cooking course of.) That is as much as you. However, at the least, based on the USDA, there is no motive that it’s important to take this additional step. The one cooking-associated recommendation they provide is such:

 So if you’re blanching your greens, you’re, by nature, quickly cooling them. However, for those who’re not blanching them, you possibly can comply with this recommendation, additionally from the USDA: “Ideally, a food 2-inches thick ought to freeze utterly in about 2 hours. If your property freezer has a ‘fast-freeze’ shelf, use it. By no means, stack packages to be frozen. As an alternative, unfold them out in a single layer on varied cabinets, stacking them solely after frozen stable.”

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